Software Products

Our software products are designed to create new clean energy customers and unlock capital. Contact us for a free demo:

For contractors: CustomerConnect

There are customers who are paying too much for dirty energy but don’t know it and would gladly join the clean energy movement if it didn’t cost more than they’re paying now. We give you the data to find those customers, and we arm you with unique, customer-specific facts, so you can close the deal.

For lenders and customers: LenderConnect

For customers, as with a car loan, you want lenders competing for your business. If you don’t have three to five offers, how do you know you’ve gotten the best deal? We help ensure you do. For lenders, we take away the guesswork and save you time and money. We offer you a standardized portal that meets your information needs for the project pre-qualification and project approval stages. That way you can more easily and quickly judge, in a cost-effective way, whether an applicant for a clean energy project meets your loan criteria.

For government leaders: ResultsConnect

Local governments are community goal and policy setters that often have untapped capabilities to implement. Renewable energy is a big part of how cities and counties meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction commitments. To do this, local governments need new commercial and residential clean energy installations each week, month and year. This takes a public private partnership approach, working together to create a robust local marketplace and bring new private-sector financing to the table.