4 THINGS (and, what we can do about it!)

Contractors need customers

Clean energy contractors spend a huge amount of money finding and converting customer leads. They lack affordable and effective local data to market to the right people.

Business and home owners need affordable, zero-down financing and trustworthy information about contractors

They want clean energy, especially when it saves them on their monthly bill, but they don’t want upfront costs.

Lenders need standardized loan applications

With cars, loans are cheap, simple, and easy to compare. But clean energy loans aren’t. It’s time to make clean energy loans easier and cheaper than loans that create dirty energy.

Government leaders need results to meet their commitments

Mayors and county chairs have made aggressive goals to reduce their jurisdictions’ emissions. But elected leaders don’t have the strategies, tools, and in-house expertise to monitor progress and reach those goals.


We are dedicated to providing simple, powerful solutions that help everyone benefit from a vibrant, local, clean energy economy. Meet the team that makes our company great.

# Finance and energy professional specializing in renewable energy and carbon markets.

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Chris Sewell

# Management, operations and finance professional who started working in the cleantech industry in 2005.

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Michael Hofmann

# Nearly 20 years of experience conceptualizing, designing, and developing innovative solutions across several industries.

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Anna Gusel
Chief Product Officer

Our Approach

We approach things a little differently than others. Our method ensures our work is of the highest quality. That’s why we put it in the name of the firm itself!

Thorough Diagnostics

Context matters to us. A lot. We start by getting a clear-eyed diagnostic of what’s working and what isn’t. We want to understand your vision.

Comprehensive Research

We then analyze the best local data, review related practices, build strong models, and draw from our expertise and network.

Tailored Solutions

We use a systems-thinking approach and combine what’s best from the public and private sectors to develop local, real-world solutions to get results, monitor progress, and drive long-lasting change.

CleanTech Methods' Mission

CleanTech Methods is committed to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of our customers and the communities that we serve. We do this by fostering partnerships with various stakeholders along the clean energy value chain, including local governments, clean energy developers and installers, finance providers as well as the consumers and communities that implement clean energy-based technologies and solutions.

Memberships and Associations

We’re a proud member of the following organizations

Find out how we’re different in our work with contractors, customers, lenders, and government.

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